Jul 24, 2019 | F3

MOGYOROD – Aldo Festante ended the fifth round of the Euroformula Open with an eleventh place in Race 1 and a thirteenth place in Race 2. The performance of the Capua native pilot was undermined by various problems and important errors from the race director.

The fifth stage of the Euroformula Open championship was held from 6 to 7 July. A busy session for Festante, who brings home the eleventh place in Race 1 and a rather unsatisfactory thirteenth place in Race 2. Unfortunately, even in the Hungarian session, there were several problems that negatively affected the race of the young pilot.
The complications began in qualifying 1, in which various technical malfunctions prevented Festante from competing at his best. The same problems were present also in Race 1, blocking the way to higher results.
The second day of competitions was even more unlucky: in qualifying 2 an opponent of Festante obstructed the racer in a bad way, heavily influencing Aldo’s performance. As if that were not enough, Race 2 started with an error from the race director, which has turned on and off the lights twice, a signal that was interpreted as the start of the race. Festante, unfortunately, started the race prematurely, and, as a consequence, he had to stop making the whole group pass, concluding his own competition.
Needless to say, this unfortunate weekend left a sour taste.
The Capua native pilot, however, does not let himself be discouraged and is already intent on working hard to get to Austria ready to conquer a great result.

“Not a lot to say, I just want to refocus and think about next week”

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