Festante tops the official test at Vallelunga

by | Jun 15, 2017 | F4 Italian

VALLELUNGA – The two days of testing in preparation for the 3rd round of the Italian F4 Championship, scheduled at Vallelunga on June 24-25, have showcased a brilliant performance by Aldo Festante. The Capua native will so arrive at the next appointment of the season carrying high expectations after an excellent 1st position and a 3rd one, respectively on Test Day 1 and Test Day 2.

“We went through two intense days, both for the heat and the hard work on the car. I also had a couple of things I wanted to review about my driving, so all summed up these two days at Vallelunga have been really busy. I feel like I have much more confidence with the car than last year. Sure DR Formula has some credit for that but now I finally feel like I can focus on those little details that turn a good performance into an excellent one. We had great expectations for Vallelunga and we saw that straight away. In the first day we kept building up our performance till we set the best lap of the session and nobody managed to improve it, while on the second day we scored our best lap in the morning and then focus the rest of our day on the set up for the race. At the end what really matters is the fact that I can finally fight for the top positions. Hard work and dedication is finally paying off. Of course, the race is next week, those were just test days, it’s good though to race with such a faith on your team and your car”.

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