Nov 11, 2020 | Porsche Carrera Cup 2020

MONZA – Aldo Festante amazed everybody by concluding the last round of the Porsche Carrera Cup with another victory. A great emotion for the young driver, who, after having conquered the title of champion in the GT Open Cup, brought his skills to the limit, winning a scholarship nomination to participate in the final shootout.

The last race of the Porsche Carrera Cup took place in the famous “Temple of Speed” in Monza from 07 to 08 November. A competition in which Aldo Festante fought masterfully. The Capua driver returning from a demanding weekend in Barcelona, where he conquered the first position in the overall standings of the GT Open Cup, took to the track more fiercely than ever, determined to end the sporting year in the best possible way. Race 1 saw Aldo starting from the sixth position, then whizzing along the straights of the Autodromo Nazionale, fighting with the other drivers until he finished the competition in fourth place. An excellent performance, which, however, does not fully satisfy Festante who, determined to obtain another golden result, managed to obtain an excellent qualifying placement that guaranteed him a start in third place. Putting aside the understandable tension due to the importance of the event, the young pilot focused on his racing skills as much as possible, waiting for the race 2 lights to turn green. As soon as the driver saw the start, he catapulted his Carrera between the opponents, quickly conquering the second position. About a minute went by and before the detachment of the famous parabolic Aldo took the first place. From here Festante, kept concentration and calm while managing to defend his position for the rest of the race, making any attempt to overtake by his opponents useless: another first place and the first victory in the Porsche Carrera Cup. An unforgettable weekend for the Capua Native pilot, who, among other things, also managed to win the Nomination of the scholarship to participate in the final shootout, testifying how his skills aboard the Porsche Carrera have visibly matured. Finally, now Aldo can devote himself to the celebrations with family, friends and the close-knit Ombra team, a valid ally in this successful season. With the title of champion in the GT Open Cup and the fourth position in the Porsche Carrera Cup, an exciting year of racing ended, which has seen the driver from Capua improving his skills at a remarkable pace, becoming one of the protagonists of the Italian motorsport scene.

“A fantastic weekend, the culmination of all the work done and the sacrifices made, a special thanks to my family and to the Ombra Racing team.”

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