Jul 4, 2019 | F3

HOCKENHEIMThe German leg of the Euroformula Open was marked by an incredible misfortune. Aldo Festante concluded Race 1 respectively on the second lap, due to various damage to his car and Race 2 on the first lap, following a contact with another driver.

From the 25th to the 26th of May the third round of the Euroformula Open was held, on the famous Hockenheim circuit in Germany.
Bad race for the young Capuan driver, who was forced to retire early in both races. In Race 1, Festante was forced to return to the pits during the second lap of the race, after having suffered several damages to his own Dallara.
As if this were not enough, Race 2 ended even earlier, in fact, Aldo, along with other drivers, was blocked on the first lap by contact with another car in the middle of a curve. The bitterness remains in the mouth for a weekend in which serious potential has been demonstrated, but in which bad luck has played a fundamental role, ruining any plan for a great race.
Festante, however, did not lose heart, aware of his abilities, he has already put himself hard at work with the team to make up for this black weekend at Spa, where he will aspire to the top of the standings, trying to win fundamental points to return to being competitive in the overall standings.

“ We’ve showed great potential and we’re out with nothing, incidents happen and everyone can make mistakes but this is really hard to accept.
However, these are the moments when strength must be shown and we are ready to fight back at Spa “

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